Friday, 2 December 2011


Hi Folks

We witnessed a wonderful culminatory final at Warwick University this afternoon of the 2011 Kids' Lit Quiz. The teams from 16 heats assembled for the grand final and what a beauty it was. The winner was George Watson's from Edinburgh followed by the City of London School for Girls, in third place was the City of Norwich School and Windsor High School came fourth. All teams displayed dazzling literary brains and the afternoon just flowed.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Serco, Peters Books, SLA, MLS and Scholastic Books (UK). and to OUP for supplying all the goodie bags. A special thank you must also go to the Coventry Council for supporting today's event. Thank you Joy and your staff you were all so efficient and helpful.

If you missed today's sport of reading then you missed a real cracker. To all those who assisted in any way thank you so much it was brilliant and I'm sure Rebecca, Beth Rosie and Katherine will do you proud in New Zealand.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Hi Everyone
Today was the final UK heat and what an exciting one it was. Two teams tied for first and the third placed team was only half a point behind. Our authors (Ian Beck, Damian Bibben and Lindsey Barraclough) presented the prizes after a very tense sudden death question. Tonight's winning team (Josiah, Joseph, Cole and Dylan) were from Dulwich College. They narrowly won from the hosting school Kings College Junior. Right close behind was James Allen Girls' School who came third.
Harriet from, tonight's sponsor, Random House contributed her knowledge on the authors' team.
This was a new venue, added just this year, and it was well-attended and organised. Thank you Ann, Helen and Claire.
Good luck to all the teams going to the National Final this coming Friday. I wish you well.
Happy reading

Monday, 28 November 2011


Hi Folks
There was a lively feeling tonight at the Broxbourne heat as authors and kids answered the questions put to them. We had two teams of authors, a team of authors marking and a team of authors scoring. See below for our fabulous author turnout. All the authors' books were available for purchase and the contestants were spoilt for choice with so may authors attending. Many of the authors designed their own questions to ask the kids during spot prizes. The winning school was the City of London School for Girls consisting of Aine, Shan, Emma and Evie. In second place was Arnold House and third was Orley Farm.
A group photograph of all three winning teams, all the authors and the quizmaster was taken by the local news photographer.
Great Night
Sophia Bennett
Sita Brahmachari
Dave Cousins
Katie Dale
Keren David
Fiona Dunbar
Steve Feasey
Pauline Francis
Echo Freer
Candy Gourlay
Sarah Grant
Miriam Halahmy
Savita Kalhan
Josh Lacey
Samira Osman
Mark Robson
Pat Walsh

Friday, 25 November 2011


The Heat today was busy and bussling with a record number of schools participating. Two teams of authors competed against the kids. A special thank you to the following: Jo Cottrell, Dave Cryer, Susie Day, Dennis Hamley, MG Harris, SL Powell, Cindy Jeffries, Marie Louise Jensen, Linda Newbery, Sally Nicholls and Mark Robson. The prizes were awarded by Cllr Patrick Greene, the Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council. Todays winning team were Amy, Thomas, Henry and Isobel from St Bartholomews 1.
Second place was Abingdon and third was the host school St Gregory the Great. (with a team of just three) Our sponsors gave their support by attending tonights event. We had representative from Serco, Peters Books, OUP, and members of Oxfordshire County Council. 180 supporters attended todays event.


Hi Folks
It was a fabulous, fast-paced night in Cornwall for this thirteenth heat. The teams all had excellent knowledge and the range was narrow. Well done to the two first time teams from Newton Ferrers Primary School.
Philip Reeve, our guest author, was swamped by enthusiastic kids wanting books signed and even the quizmaster queued up for two to be signed. Philip awarded the prizes to Penrice 1 for coming first in tonight's heat. The winners were: Daniel, Ellie, Lewis and Morwenna. Positions for second were tied so a sudden death was required. St Cuthberts Mayne 1 came through as the second-placed team and Torbay 3 was narrowly squeezed into third.
Many thanks to Serco, Peters Books and the SLA for their ongoing sponosrship of this event and a big vote of thenks to the organisers for supplying tonight's book prizes-it was generous and very appreciated.
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Hi Folks
At tonight's Cardiff heat we had a feast of authors attend. I'm grateful to the following who came and partcipated:Sue Barrow, Colin Parsons, Paul Manship, Sarah Singleton, Marie-Louise Jensen, Ellen Caldecott, Gwen Cartwright and Mark Robson.
There was a great atmosphere and last year's champion team and fourth-placed international Kids' Lit Quiz Finalists - Bristol Grammar attended and spoke in turn about their experiences at the international final in New Zealand in July.
The winning team tonight from Cardiff High School were: Jacob, Haroon, Laurence and Philippa. In second place was Monmouth School 1 and hosting school Howell's 2 was third,
Thank you to Harper Collins for sponsoring the books and to Keryn and Jane for collaborating in bringing this evening's quiz together.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hi Folks
Several new schools entered the quiz this afternoon and they performed wells given that today was their first experience of a Kids' Lit Quiz. The winning school though was Forres Sandle Manor 2. The team of Poppy, Laurie, Emily and Sophie won by just a half point from Robert Mays School 1 and third was Portsmouth High School 1.
Our authors Ali Sparkes and Craig Simpson awarded the prizes to the teams.
Many thanks to Peters Books, Serco and Faber & Faber for their sponsorship of today's quiz.
Happy reading guys

Monday, 21 November 2011


Tonight was well attended by supporters, there were 273 in the audience watching as Windsor High won convincingly. The team of Nicole, Molly, Katie and Isabelle won by nine clear points. In second place was Kenilworth 1 and first-timers and Arden came third.
The authors Leila Rashed, Ann Evans, Mark Robson and John Doherty demonstrated their wonderful knowledge of books and they also awarded the prizes to the teams. The books were sponsored by the Coventry S.LS.
Many thanks to Joy Court and her team
Happy reading

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hi Everybody
Last year's winning school Aylesbury Grammar Year 7s defended their school's title and the Aylesbury Grammar Y8s were second. Both teams were ahead of our authors' team of Linda Newbery, Julia Jarman and Mark Robson and though the authors gave it their best shot the team consisting of Chris, Gabriel, William and Chris were just too strong. In third place was Comberton School.
It was a high scoring afternoon competition with no team scoring less than 50.
Today's book prizes were sponsored by Frances Lincoln Books and we were kindly hosted in the library by Kimbolton School.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Hi Everybody
New venue (City of Norwich School) and new coordinator (Gail) this afternoon and everything just ran like clockwork. The team from the Norfolk School Library Service did a grand job.
The kids were impressive with their literary knowledge too and the outright winner was the host school City of Norwich B. This team consisted of Leila, James, Tom and Flora. There was a tie for second so this needed to be resolved with a sudden death question. The winner, and thus the second placed team, was Taverham High A and third was Northgate High School.
Best wishes to all the teams who filled out an entry form for the great Peters Books KLQ draw. Many thanks to the publishers Orion for supplying the books for prizes.
Remember to read those titles mentioned tonight and read some more for next year.
Best wishes

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Junior King's School arrived just in time for the start of today's kids' lit quiz and won it. This was the first time they'd ever entered the quiz! The team of Isabella, Jack, Roxanne and Felix just sneaked past the second placed team from King Edward VI school and this school's other #2 team King Edward VI was third.
Thurrock Council Librarians hosted us in the Corringham Hall and coordinated the event superbly.
Many thanks to our loyal sponsors SERCO and to Macmillan for donating the Books.

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Monday, 14 November 2011


Today's heat was in a new venue and town. Thank you St Gregory's Roman Catholic High School of Warrington for hosting us today. Cockermouth School the defending UK champions won easily today (albeit with a new team). Well done: Frances, Sebastian, Adam and Madeleine In second place was Altrincham Grammar 2 and Kings School 1 was third.
Our author today was Curtis Jobling (creator of Bob the Builder) and of the Wereworld series. He read from his latest book and also awarded the team's their prizes. Many thanks to Bloomsbury for donating the book prizes.
A very successful quiz, thank you Janet for taking on the coordination.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


The Yorkshire heat was gripping! North Halifax B won clearly but then there was a three-way tie for second place. The names of the winners are: Hannah, Megan, Kit & Isobel. Placings for second and third needed to be decided by sudden death questions. The outcome saw Harrogate Grammar placed second and Scissett Middle School B claimed third spot. Author Martyn Bedford awarded the prizes.
One of the remarkable individual achievements was accomplished by Hannah from the North Halifax B team who was asked to enter as a last minute ring-in when another member was indisposed.
Thirty-six teams entered today. The wonderful team from Kirklees Customer and Exchequer Service and Booksplus Schools' Resource Service coordinated the event with smooth professionalism. My thanks also go to Schoolhouse Books for their sponsorship and to the Kirklees Council staff for their help on the day at the Cleackheaton Hall. Also thanks are due to Walker Books for donating the book prizes.
Happy Reading


We were kindly hosted,once again by Wellington College. in Belfast. The names of the winners are: Rebecca, Meghan, Ben & David. Teams from across the province competed. It was a closely fought competition but a new school emerged victorious-Friends School Lisburn 2 followed by Methodist College Belfast School second and Regent House Grammar School 1 was third.
Many thanks to Scholastic Children's Books for sponsoring the event once again.
Special prizes were awarded for best costume, best sea monster poster and top mascot.
Once again authors and librarians went head to head with each other and the kids' lit quiz teams.
It was a fun day.
Thank you everyone it was a great day

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Thank you Kilsyth Academy for hosting the Kids' Lit Quiz once again, it was a brilliant day. Four authors attended (K M Grant, Keith Charters, Victoria Campbell and Matt Cartney) and they signed books for the contestants as well as competing against the kids.
Scotia Books, a stalwart supporter of the quiz for a number of years, ran the bookshop at the event. Today's winner was Dunblane High A (this school travelled to the World Final in NZ in 2004) followed by Auchterarder A and the High School of Glasgow A was third. The names of the winning team are: Dugal, Campbell, Caitlin, & Ellen.
Off to Belfast tomorrow
Book in for it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

C Scotland

Hi Everybody

We were at a new venue in Falkirk today- St Mungo's High School and it was lovely and spacious for the 28 teams paticipating and had plenty of room for the placard-waving spectators who had come along to support their teams.
Today's winners were George Watson's College B first. The names of the winners are: Rebecca,Beth, Rosie, & Ktherine. They had an emphatic win. Two teams tied for second place which necessitated a sudden death play off. The result made Stewart's Melville College A second and Cargilfield School was third. George Watson's will now travel to Warwick for the National Final. We all wish them well.
Our authors assisted with the marking. They were Linda Strachan (she had also been in Newcastle last night), Alex Nye and Victoria Campbell. Many thanks to the Publishers Hachette for donating the book prizes.
Thank you Fiona for coordinating a great heat.
Happy reading


posted 19 hours ago by Jacky Atkinson
Hi Folks
The 2011/2012 journey has started to find the team with the best literary knowledge on
five continents. The winner tonight was Gosforth Central Middle School 1
Followed by Durham High for Girls. Third place necessitated a sudden death play off
between last year's winner Hexham Middle 1 and Newminster Middle 1.
It was taken out by Hexham. Our authors tonight came from the Midlands, Scotland
and locally. They actually took out the first two places.
They were: Mark Robson, Linda Strachan, Gill Arbuthnott, Emma Barnes, Ann Coburn
and Helen Limon.
We're indebted to Gosforth Central Middle School for their hospitality in hosting us and
to Serco, Scholastic School Books and Seven Stories for their sponsorship.
The evening ran like clockwork. I can't wait for the next heats.
What a change from last year when half the teams couldn't make it because
of dreadful snow conditions.Well done everybody.


posted 1 Nov 2011 13:54 by Jacky Atkinson
Hi quiz teams
My bags are packed and the questions are all written and ready to be asked at this year's heats
of the 2011 Kids' Lit Quiz. I will arrive into Newcastle on Nov 5th.
What a fabulous prize awaits this year's winner of the UK National heat.
The KLQ committee have been busy preparing to host the 2012 International Final in Auckland
in July and one knowledeable winning team will be invited to Auckland, New Zealand
to take part. I always look forward to discovering who that team will be.
Happy reading

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Kids Lit Quiz 2011

The 2011 Heats are nearly upon us with Wayne Mills arriving in the UK on the 5th November -
(Bonfire Night!!!) so we are going to start the Regional Heats off with a BANG,

The first Heat will take place in Newcastle organised by Trevor and Diane Darwin,
on the 7th November.

Although all the numbers are not yet in, it looks as if this year more schools than ever have entered.

More and more of our wonderful authors are going along to support the teams and several heats are being supported by their local VIP's

Do encourage the authors to go along to the National Final, which this year is to be held in The Rootes Building at Warwick University on Friday 2 nd December at 1. 30 p.m. Joy Court and her team are now busy getting ready for it.

So welcome Wayne, we promise that it will be better weather for you this year and Good Luck to everyone. I hope to see some of you in December Jacky Atkinson