Friday, 25 November 2011


The Heat today was busy and bussling with a record number of schools participating. Two teams of authors competed against the kids. A special thank you to the following: Jo Cottrell, Dave Cryer, Susie Day, Dennis Hamley, MG Harris, SL Powell, Cindy Jeffries, Marie Louise Jensen, Linda Newbery, Sally Nicholls and Mark Robson. The prizes were awarded by Cllr Patrick Greene, the Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council. Todays winning team were Amy, Thomas, Henry and Isobel from St Bartholomews 1.
Second place was Abingdon and third was the host school St Gregory the Great. (with a team of just three) Our sponsors gave their support by attending tonights event. We had representative from Serco, Peters Books, OUP, and members of Oxfordshire County Council. 180 supporters attended todays event.

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