Monday, 1 December 2014


Just as we were getting towards the end of the UK heats we had a three-way tie for first.
One of the tied teams was our authors: Marie-Louise Jensen, and Fleur Hitchcock, but the other two teams were Howell's 2 and Bristol Grammar 2.  The nervous tie-breaker was won by Bristol Grammar 2 thus making Howell's 2 the second.  Daisy, Lottie, Lottie and Christos now have two days to get ready for the National Final.  In third place was Howell's No: 1 team.  Many thanks to the great Year 13 students from Bishop of Llandaff School for assisting with the marking and Mrs Olivari for organising tonight's heat.  There was a great turnout by spectators which I am sure the readers appreciated.

Happy reading Wayne.

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