Monday, 8 November 2010


Welcome to my first blog for this new round of the Kids' Lit Quiz. Today was the start of the search for the best team to compete at the International 20th Anniversary Quiz in Hamilton, New Zealand in 2011.

Today's event was held in the Kilsyth Academy and their hall was decorated with black and gold balloons and a large banner proclaimed that it was the 2010 Kids' Lit Quiz.

Two authors (Katie Grant and Cathy McPhail) formed a team with two librarians and came a creditable 5th.

The winners today were:
1 High School of Glasgow A
2 HIgh School of Glasgow B
3 Gryffe School.

The event was once again proudly supported by Scotia Books.

Catch you tomorrow

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Kids' Lit Quiz said...

Congratulations High School of Glasgow A team!!! We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford for the National Final on Tuesday 30th November

Well done also to the runners up and all the teams who have competed.
A very good start to the 2010 round of heats.
Keep reading those lovely books

Jacky Atkinson
National Organiser.