Friday, 26 November 2010


Well what a day there was heavy snow and temperatures plummeted to -5 degrees. This meant that we lost 45% of our teams as the conditions were just to treacherous to attempt to drive. Nevertheless we still had a competitive heat and the team from Hexham School 2 won. In second place was Gosforth Middle School 1 and third was Dame Allans 1.
Our authors battled the elements with two railing from Scotland (Gill Arbuthnott and Linda Strachan) one from Leeds (Emma Barnes) while David Williams was local and they managed to give the kids a go for their money. While the authors did beat the Hexham team the surprise of the night was the one-man team (Steve) from Seven Stories who came a praiseworthy third overall. So as well as selling books his literary knowledge was also supberb.
This brings me to the end of the heats and only the UK Final is left to blog about so log onto the site on Tuesday to find out who has claimed the 2010 championship.
Meanwhile to all you finalists enjoy your weekend's reading.

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