Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Hi Everyone
Quite an amazing afternoon at today's heat. Two records were set- one UK and one World. There were 42 teams tonight the largest ever in the UK and to top that off a new world record score was established by Oxford High School when they scored 97.5. (the previous record was 95). Obviously this school went on to win and their number two team was second. Third place was tight and required a sudden death play-off between St Gregory School and The Cherwell School. It was won by St Gregory. It was a very busy exciting afternoon the literary brain-power was awesome. The mayor of Bicester commented as he awarded the trophy to the girls from Oxford High that the competition was of an exceptionally high standard and that he was looking forward to attending the UK in Oxford on November 30th.
Thank you Oxford High School for allowing us to use your brand new auditorium, it was a marvelous venue.
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I hope you didn't mind the malfunctioning microphone too much...