Thursday, 11 November 2010


10th Nov
Hi Everyone
At tonight's heat we had Joseph Delaney the author of the Spook's Apprentice series marking. He had his work cut out marking and signing lots of books for his many fans.
The winner tonight was Cockermouth School. Last year they travelled to the North East heat but switched this year to compete at the North West and they won. Withington School was second and last year's winner Lancaster Grammar came third.
Tonight we had a first as one of the contestants, a girl,who was blind participated and by jove she knew her stuff. When it came to the visual category her team mates described the picture to her and she had listened to many books and read stories written in Braille.
Many thanks to Bolton University for allowing us the us of their cafeteria again because as a venue it is spacious and accommodating. See you soon at a heat near you.

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Kids' Lit Quiz said...

Many congratulations to the winers and to everyone who took part. I think that the Heats get more exciting each year..
We are looking forward to welcoming the winning team to Oxford on 30 November.
Happy reading
Jacky Atkinson
National Organiser