Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Hi Folks
The UK coordinator and I have just returned home after a late night froggy drive. Tonight's heat was exciting and very lively. The range between top and bottom was only 20 points so all teams were in with a chance. As it turned out two teams tied for first place which necessitated a sudden death play-off. The eventual winner was Blue Coat 2 with Windsor High 2 second. These close finishes are always dramatic. Then in third place was Kenilworth School 1. The authors team and the team from Scholastic performed outstandingly. In fact the authors were the overall winners. They were: David Calcutt, Marie-Louise Jensen, Leila Rashed and Ann Evans- congratulations.
Many thanks to the staff from the SLA Coventry library for a sparkling evening
.Bye for now.

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