Thursday, 20 November 2008


Hi Everyone,

Great turn-out today at the Kilsyth Academy.  Banners were proudly flying, gold and black balloons hovered,  and an atmosphere of anticipation pervaded the hall.  Two guest teams participated - one of librarians -  and the other local authors.   (Theresa Breslin, Katie Grant and Linda Strachan).  The librarians' team won the event but the top school was Dunblane High School followed by the High School of Glasgow.  Third place was decided by a sudden death question.  Douglas Adademy won it and this placed  Bannerman  High forth.  The prizes donated by Scotia Books were awarded to the teams by guest authors

Happy reading



Lindesay Burton said...

Thanks to all who came along to this heat. Best wishes to winners Dunblane High School for the national final next Friday. Great questions, Wayne - don't know how you manage to think them all up! Well done to the Librarians' team for showing their expertise and coming top.

Helen Martin said...

Another great day on Wednesday - St Ninian's Kirkintilloch has taken part every year so far, and it has always been enjoyable. The team were a wee bit disappointed not to be placed, having won 3 of the rounds, but an unlucky joker choice and one poor round dropped them down. Well done Lindesay, for excellent organisation (and home baking!) and thanks to Wayne for another set of challenging questions. How about giving half of the £5 inter-round questions to the reserves/supporters, instead of all to the adults? I write as someone who has won a token every year so far so it's a very altruistic suggestion!

Shiona McConnachie said...

An excellent day - Thanks to Wayne Mills for the challenging questions and also to Lyndesay Burton and all her helpers for the first class organisation of the event. The Douglas Academy team were thrilled to be placed third in our first ever entry to the quiz. We had a great day and will definetly be back next year. Good luck to Dunblane High School for the UK final. I agree with Helen Martin about the £5 questions between rounds being offered to the Supporters instead of the adults - a great idea.