Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Hi Everyone
We had a massive author turnout tonight in support of the Kids' Lit Quiz. There were two teams of authors, authors marking and authors scoring. Thank you very much Margaret Bateson Hill, Sita Brachmachari, Dave Cousins, Fiona Dunbar, Candy Gourlay, Sara Grant, Nick Green, Savita Kalhan, Tamsyn Murray, Linda Newbery, and SC Ransom.
Yet again there was a sudden death play-off for second. It was won by Watford Grammar and the University College School was third. However, the outright winner, beating both authors' teams was City of London School for Girls. Great going Annie, Clem, Hannah and Laura.
Thank you Broxbourne School for hosting us for the ninth year straight.
Bring on the UK Final!
Happy reading


Nick Green said...

Thank you very much, Wayne - and thanks too to all the kids who came along and competed. I can honestly say that as an author it was one of the most inspiring afternoons I've ever spent. I worried that reading was going out of fashion... I was wrong.

I still say that Buttons was Cinderella's boyfriend, though! :-)


Savita Kalhan said...

Yes, a big thank you from me too, Wayne! I was there last year too, when I first experienced the enthusiasm and excitement of the kids taking part in your Kid Lit Quiz. It was truly inspiring, as are you. See you next year!

Savita Kalhan said...

A wondeful afternoon and truly inspiring to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the kids taking part in your Kid Lit Quiz, Wayne. Big thank you! See you next year.