Friday, 20 November 2009


Hi Everyone
Lovely quiz today in Northamptonshire hosted at the Roade School Sports College in their spacious library. The authors' team was devastatingly good and gained a brilliant score. They were: Steve Feasey, Pippa Goodheart, Mary Hoffman and Graham Marks. The authors awarded the prizes to first-time winners Wellingborough Preparatory School. Second was Kimbolton School and third was Skegness Grammar School. A small but literate audience watched the event which was hosted kindly by the Northamptonshire Schools' Library Service.
Only one regional event to go now
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Book Maven said...

And Lucy Coats was on the author team too and answered loads of questions!

Lucy Coats said...

Fantastic, brain-stretching questions for both authors and the kids. The latter were amazingly knowledgable--and I still can't get over the boy who had obviously read 'Lorna Doone'--one of my own childhood favourites.