Saturday, 29 November 2008


Today's final of the Serco KLQ was really dramatic. One team arrived 25 minutes late and the quiz had already started and not only that one of their team members had a blood nose for much of the quiz so what a surprise when it was this team that won the UK final! Congratulations on keeping your poise under such pressure. This team was Bancrofts School from the Essex heat. They now will represent The UK at the World Final of the KLQ in Johannesburg. Second place went to Blue Coat School from the Midlands heat and Lancaster Royal Grammar came third after a sudden death play-off with Arnold House. Our guest author, the hugely popular Eva Ibbotson, awarded the KLQ trophies and books to the first two teams and Harry Enfield awarded the third and fourth placed teams with their prizes.
The UK organiser, Eileen Armstrong, was presented with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of all the energy and time she'd put into organising this year's heats and final.
Today's sponsors were Scholastic UK, Puffin Books and Usborne. Their books were well received by today's avid readers.
The School Library Association , who support the KLQ, kindly awarded vouchers to the
teams librarian coaches for the value of  50% of a training session and a 100% voucher to
the coach with Bancrofts School. 
This year's final was the most rigorous ever and all of the teams deserved to win.
Thank you to all my colleagues and friends for their assistance on the day.


Garry Hamer said...

Well done Wayne and your team for a great afternoon. My daughter was in the team that came second and I'm hugely proud of her. Keep up the good work - what you do is so worthwhile.

Garry Hamer - Coventry

Jacky Atkinson said...

This was indeed aa exciting Event and Bancrofts School really deserved to win the coveted KLQ UK cup and the invitation to compete in the World Final in South Africa next year.

We were extremely honoured to have Eva Ibbotson with us, as this was a rare appearance and the young competitors were absolutely delighted.

Out thanks should go to Wayne Mills, our dynamic quizmaster, he is the one with the energy and drive that makes this unique literary competition so successful. We, the organisers do work hard on his behalf, but he is Mr KLQ, he has championed the "Joy of Reading" and has brought recognition to hundreds of young readers, not only in the UK, but also in other parts of the World.

01 December 2008 10:51