Thursday, 15 November 2007

South Wales 15 Nov

Shwmai Pawb
Well what a capacity night the hall was filled to the brim. We had the most teams ever and more than I had expected consequently we needed to print extra answer sheets. By the end of the night there was standing room only for the adults. The enthusiasm of all those there was lovely to see. Whitchurch won tonight's event and are keen to attend the final in Newcastle. As this was Mrs Williams' last night (she retires next month) we paid tribute to her organisation and management of the regional Kids' Lit Quiz.
Well done everybody


jacky Atkinson said...

Well done Pat!
A wonderful last KLQ event for you.


Bethan Harris said...

yes! it was fantastic! i was there... i was Blackwood 1.. we were rubbish but had a really good time!
i hope to be there next year too!

Kevin Brown said...

I've never seen our teams enjoy themselves more at the South Wales final. On behalf of Whitchurch High School, thanks to Pat Williams for her years of hard work, to the other teams who competed, and to Wayne - see you in Newcastle!

LS said...

Thanks to Pat, Wayne and all at Howell's for a wonderful night! We all had a great time. One of our teams was thrilled to win a round and are delighted with their books. Good luck to Whitchurch High in Newcastle.
Here's to next year's quiz.