Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Oxford Heat 13 Nov

Hi Everyone
At today's heat in Oxford we had incredibly quick kids, a great turnout of authors and guests all gathered under one roof. The quiz is sponsored by Serco and we were lucky to have John Essery from Serco Defence, Science and Technology present to award the first place prize to The Cherwell School.Incidentally The Cherwell School were the UK national winners in 2004. The authors' team was too strong especially with the likes of: Dennis Hamley, Mary Hooper, Meg Harper, Rod Hunt, Mark Robson, Mini Gray and Rachael Wing taking part.

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Thea Bosse OLA Team 2 said...

Thank you for hosting the Kids' Lit Quiz.We enjoyed it so much!It is a shame that we can't come back next year but we would be too old.Good luck to everyone in the next heat!