Tuesday, 20 November 2007

North West England Heat 20th Nov

Hi Everybody
What a hot and exciting heat. It was jammed packed as we had 130 in the audience and a capacity number of teams given the size of the venue. Many thanks to all those who came along tonight as supporters. Another world first for the quiz occured tonight as the winning team, Helsby High School, only had three children in their team! Their fourth member withdrew at the last moment. (one wonders what they would have achieved with four members in their team). Guest author Sherry Ashworth handed out the cup and prize vouchers to the winners and she was very impressed with the overall knowledge of all those teams taking part.
Wonderful performances all round


Judith Sprawling said...

It really was a great night Wayne and wonderful to see Helsby battling away with just 3 players -they should be awesome with a full team. Sorry about the heat but we were certainly victims of our own success with loads of parents and grandparents turning up to cheer the kids on. Lots of teams already signed up for next year so the bookshops and libraries should be busy.

Anonymous said...

i was one of the contestents from
Cockermouth School(we came second!)
WELL DONE TO HELSBY HIGH! on the bus we were saying(joking of course) if only they had dropped out because of that person!
Thank-you Wayne Mills for the Quiz!
CW- Cockermouth School!

Hannah said...

i had a great time in this competition. The quizmaster made the event really fun, thank you!

Judith Sprawling said...

Below are some of the comments I received after the North West heat. I'm really pleased that they all enjoyed it so much even though filling the room to maximum capacity made it so hot. We'll definitely have a bigger room next year.
Judith {NW heat organiser]
Congratulations on a job well done last night. We all enjoyed ourselves and are planning next years entry already!!
an improving school but only a few years back we were in special measures so we like to plug our achievements as much as possible
Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for letting us get involved with the kids lit quiz this year. You did a great job of organising it and we appreciate it.
Our team and our supporters all really enjoyed it last night and we’ll definitely be doing it again next year!!!
just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time last night, our team thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the quiz. Also to say congratulations on organizing such a successful event, you had obviously put so much effort into it. Thank you for all your hard work - it was worth it to see the children's faces!
Thanks again, and see you next year.
Thanks for letting me turn up last night it was really good to see how it all worked. I was very impressed, everyone seemed to be having a really good time.
We had a great time last night even if we nearly expired from the heat!
Travelled home on a high
Thanks for all your hard work organising it; here's to a larger (and airier)room next year and even more schools discovering what good fun it is to readand celebrate reading