Tuesday, 6 November 2007

London Heat 5 Nov

Hi Everyone
The London heat got off to a flying start on November 5th. We had eight authors present who marked and scored for the KLQ. A local bookshop did a roaring trade selling their books.
Arnold House, an all-boys team, won the heat followed by a team of libarians and teachers that went head-to-head with them. In fact there were more boys participating at this heat than girls. Quite remarkable!
A fabulous start. Special thanks to the authors: Jean Ure, Sam Enthoven, Pauline Francis, Echo Freer, Graham Marks, Paul Shipton, Mark Robson and Lee Weatherly

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Jacky Atkinson said...

What a great start to the UK KLQ

There were 8 State Schools and 6 Independent Schools taking part making a total of 25 teams

Can't wait to hear news of the rest of the heats.